Here you will find all professors and teachers as well as employees of our administration. For this purpuse you can use various criteria. In addition, you can search our website in full text.
  • Surname
  • Artistic Teacher of Repetition at the Department of String Instruments and Harp
  • Professor of Piano, Piano Didactics
  • Academic and Student Affairs – Director
    Student counseling
    Problems during Studies
    Legal Basis for Studying and Teaching
    International Cooperations
  • Professor of Choir and Ensemble Conducting
  • Professor of Singing
  • Professor of Clarinet
  • Human Resources – Director
    Personnel Planning and Staff Development
  • Uwe
    Professor of Trumpet
  • Professor of Composition
  • Professor of Choir Conducting
  • Research Fellow of the Research Project "Das Liszt-Bild in der zeitgenössischen Musikpublizistik" at the Department of Musicology Weimar-Jena
  • Professor of School Piano Techniques
  • Artistic Teacher of Singing at the Department of Music Education and Church Music
  • Professor of Musicology, Music of the 20th century, Systematic Musicology
  • Professor of Orchestral Conducting