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Hello dear composers, sound artists and radio drama acrobats,

From July 1st, 2021, the international exhibition "Polyphone"- Polyphony in Image and Sound - will be presented in several museums throughout Gera in cooperation with the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, the Musée d'art et d'histoire Paul Éluard, Saint-Denis and the German Forum for Art History, Paris.

Corresponding to this event we will open this year's "Sound Gallery" at the window front of the NGfZK Gera (New Gallery for Contemporary Art). After presenting two 16-channel projects ("What is culture?" and "Gera plays MusiCircus by John Cage") in 2019/20 on the facade of Florian-Geyer-Str.15, the corner building of the cultural center Häselburg Gera, we now continue the soundproject with eight channels in four windows.

We are looking for compositions, field recordings, radioart, language-based pieces, and sound pieces - we are open for everything that is new, free and challenging. There is an opportunity to play a public space sonically and thus shape the surrounding urban spaces.

The program runs from July 1, parallel to the exhibition "Polyphone", for 2 weeks from 5 pm to 10 pm and is dedicated to one sound event/artist (that means you) on a daily changing basis. After that, the Sound Gallery will run for another 8-12 weeks from 9 am to 10 pm.

About the technical set-up:

We use small loudspeakers glued directly to glass panes, using the panes as resonators. Small amplifiers with integrated players supply the separate speakers. The sound can be described as rather low bass and not really HiFi, but has a charming glassy character that can be used selectively.

Up to 8 mono channels / 8 speakers can be played separately. The players are controlled by a timer so that an exact synchronicity cannot be guaranteed 100%.

If you want to participate, we need from you:

1.) wav, aiff or mp3 files and 4 related files in stereo.(one stereo file per window) If you want to use the full 8 mono channels, the 2 adjacent mono channels should be mixed to one stereo file with separated left/right.

2.) your contributions should not be shorter than 5 min. The maximum length is free and only limited by the size of the playback media. (maximum 4 GB per stereo file).

We will loop your contribution on one or more days, so the maximum length a track can run would be about 12 hours.

We look forward to your creative sonic input on the design of the urban space.

If you would like to participate, please write us an e-mail with your name, short vita, the name of the piece with a short description for press/advertising purposes.

We are able to present the fifteen best pieces.

Submissions, questions and more at: kontakt@kunstschule-gera.de

with best greetings from your sound colleagues

Burkhard Schlothauer & Nils Lauterbach

Open Music Gera



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