Preliminary round with video recordings

a) Frédéric Chopin: a choice of one étude
b) Franz Liszt: a choice of one étude
c) Franz Liszt: one or more works from Années de Pèlerinage I or II (excluding Après une lecture du Dante and Venezia e Napoli)
The total length must not be longer than 20 minutes altogether.

1st Round

a) Johann Sebastian Bach: a choice of one prelude and fugue from The Well-Tempered Clavier I or II
b) Franz Liszt: a choice of one étude (the same étude from the preliminary round is possible)
c) Claude Debussy: a choice of one étude
d) Franz Schubert/Franz Liszt: a choice of one lied transcription
e) a choice of a further lied transcription from Franz Liszt

2nd Round

a) Joseph Haydn: a choice of one sonata or
Ludwig van Beethoven: a choice of one sonata (excluding op. 14, 49, 54, 78, 106)
b) Claude Debussy: one or more works  of the participant's choice
c) Franz Liszt: works of the participant's choice. This should include at least one late work from: Année de Pèlerinage III, Nuages gris, Trauergondel I and II, Richard-Wagner-Venezia, Unstern!- Sinistre, Bagatelle sans Tonalité, Valse oubliée I-IV, 2., 3. or 4. Mephisto-Walztes (approx. 30 minutes), the same Liszt work from the preliminary round c) is also possible
The duration of the programme for the 2nd round must not exceed 60 minutes


Franz Liszt: Sonata in B minor


Franz Liszt: Two of the following works:
Piano Concerto in E-Fflat major, Piano Concerto in A major, Totentanz  (Paraphrase on Dies Irae) 
The jury will decide which of the prepared works shall be performed in the final.