Olga Kozlova     
1st Prize     
20.01.2007 Dippoldiswalde, Meisterinterpreten im Gespräch  Recital 
21.01.2007 Weimar, Lisztsalon Altenburg Recital
12.04.2007 Unna  Recital
14.04.2007    Bochum, Thürmer-Saal Recital 
18.04.2007 Leipzig, Alte Baumwollspinnerei Recital 
24. - 26.07.2007  Leipzig, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk  Production
23.07.2007 Weimar, Weimarer Meisterkurse  Recital 
12.10.2007 Moers, Martinstift  Recital 
27.10.2007 Alsfeld, Stadthalle   Recital
28.10.2007 Ballenstedt, Schlosstheater Recital 
22.11.2007 Jena, Jenaer Philharmonie    Concert with orchestra
14.03.2008 Ratingen  Recital 
01.06.2008 Basel / Schweiz  Recital 
20.08.2008 Cagliari / Italien      Recital 
20.09.2008  Meissen  Recital 
09.10.2008  Meissen Recital 
24.01.2009 Dresden, Deutschland-Radio Recital + Production
22.10.2009  Budapest, European Liszt Night  Recital 
23.10.2009  Raiding / Austria, European Liszt Night  Recital 
26.10.2009  Bayreuth, European Liszt Night  Recital 
27.10.2009 Weimar, European Liszt Night Recital
29.10.2009  Utrecht / The Netherlands, European Liszt Night Recital
14.02.2010 Schwerte, Matinee Recital
10.04.2010 Bochum, Kunstmuseum Recital
27.03.2011  Weimar, Lisztsalon Altenburg Recital 
Masataka Takada          
2nd Prize     
22.04.2009  Meiningen, Meininger Hofkapelle    Concert with orchestra 
23.04.2009  Eisenach, Meininger Hofkapelle  Concert with orchestra
Vitaly Pisarenko     
3rd Prize     
21.04.2007  Stetten, Schloss Stetten  Recital 


Rolf-Dieter Arens (Head of Jury)
Jean-Pierre Armengaud
Peter Cossé
Koos Groen
Maurizio Moretti
Gülsin Onay
Gerlinde Otto
Henri Sigfridsson
Dénes Várjon


First Round
  • F. Liszt
    one Etude of own choice
  • F. Chopin
    one Etude from op. 10 or op. 25 of own choice
  • F. Liszt
    one Sonetto del Petrarca  from Années de pèlerinage II (S 161) no.7  of own choice
Second Round
  • W.A. Mozart
    one sonata of own choice or
    J. N. Hummel
    one work of own choice (15 - 20 min)
  • F. Schubert
    one Impromptu of own choice
  • F. Schubert / F. Liszt
    two Lied transcriptions of own choice
  • F. Liszt
    Dante-Sonata from Années de pèlerinage II (S 161) no. 7
Third Round

F. Liszt
Sonate in B minor (S 178)


F. Liszt
Piano Concerto in E-flat major (S 124) or Piano Concerto in A major (S125) with orchestra


1st Prize    10.000 Euro
2nd Prize     6.000 Euro
3rd Prize      4.000 Euro

Special Awards

a) Special award amounting to 1.500 Euros, donated by Fazil Say.

b) For the best interpretation of a work by Franz Schubert: One concert engagement for a piano evening in Duisburg and 1.000 Euro as payment fort he concert. This prize is donated by the German Schubert-Foundation e. V.

c) For the best interpretation of a sonata by W. A. Mozart: One concert engagement for a piano evening in the Steingraeber Rokokosaal Bayreuth during the Bayreuth Festival and 1.000 Euro as payment for the concert. The concert instrument is the Liszt Grand Piano by Eduard Steingraeber. This prize is donated by the pianoforte factory Steingraeber & Sons in Bayreuth.

d) For the best interpretation of the work by J. N. Hummel: Special award amounting to 1.000 Euro. This prize is donated by the Hummel-Gesellschaft-Weimar e. V.

e) For the best interpretation of a work by Franz Liszt: Special award amounting to 500,- Euro. This prize is donated by the Franz-Liszt-Foundation e.V. Weimar.

f) One scholarship for one semester of study at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar awarded to the most talented East-European participant (excluding prize winners). This prize is donated by Dr. Rainer Braunschweig (Munich).

g) Audience award donated by Zeitungsgruppe Thüringen.

Concerts/Productions Concerts Solo Performances with
   -    Staatskapelle Weimar
   -    Jenaer Philharmonie
   -    European Union Chamber Orchestra
   -    Südthüringisches Staatstheater Meiningen (Spielzeit 2007/08) Piano Recitals
   -    European Liszt Nigths in Utrecht (Netherlands), Weimar, Budapest and Paris
   -    Schlosstheater Ballenstedt
   -    Recital within the Weimar Master Classes
   -    Thürmer-Saal in Bochum
   -    Steinway-Haus Hamburg
   -    Kulturstiftung Leipzig
   -    Kunstverein Dippoldiswalde further solo concerts

   -    broadcast with DeutschlandRadio Berlin
   -    radio broadcast with the Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk

Participation Rules

  1. The 5th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities who were born after 1st January 1975.

  2. The competition is open to the public in all rounds. The order of performance for the competitors is determined by random selection in the form of a lottery system. The order of works to be performed in each level can be determined by the candidate. After registration, the programme can no longer be altered. All works must be performed memorised.

    Arrival Date: 26th and 27th October 2006
    Lottery: 27th October 2006
    Final concert: 5th November 2006 with the Staatskapelle Weimar

  3. The prize winners must accept their prize in person. Prizes will be awarded directly following the final concert.

  4. The competition may be recorded or transmitted for television/radio, etc. The recordings are property of the corresponding broad-casting station.

  5. The management is not legally responsible for any accidents to persons during the competition.

  6. Participants pay for hotel and travel costs themselves. East-European participants may apply for a subsidy for these costs. No one is automatically entitled to receive a subsidy.

  7. The competition will cover the costs for accommodation for those candidates who have reached the second round (from the start of the second round onward), to a maximum of 25 Euro per person per day.

  8. At registration, the candidates must state that they agree to the rules and regulations of the competition, as well as possible changes in the jury.

  9. The decision of the jury is legally final. An appeal of the decision is not possible.

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