10th International FRANZ LISZT Piano Competition Weimar - Bayreuth

27 October to 7 November 2021

Our prize winners

  • 1st prize - not awarded
  • 2nd prize - Shota Kaya
  • 3rd prize - Valentin Magyar and Rune Leicht Lund


Rune Leicht Lund, Shota Kaya and Valentin Magyar (from left to right) | Photo: Thomas Müller

Final concert // 6th November 2021

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Valentin Magyar | F. Liszt: Totentanz (Paraphrase über Dies Irae)
Rune Leicht Lund | F. Liszt: Piano Concerto No. 1 E flat major
Shota Kaya | F. Liszt: Totentanz (Paraphrase über Dies Irae)

Staatskapelle Weimar
Conductor: Dominik Beykirch

Franz Liszt, after whom the competition and the University of Music in Weimar is named, always felt obligated to support young artists. He was significantly more than "just" a piano virtuoso and composer: He worked over a period of decades as a teacher, court conductor, a writer on music and cultural politician in Weimar.

His (never implemented) plans for a Goethe-Stiftung (Goethe-foundation) were intended to yearly award prizes in the areas of music, painting, sculpture and literature - the International FRANZ LISZT Piano Competition Weimar-Bayreuth still keeps several of these ideas alive even in the 21st century. Liszt probably would have liked the idea of a pianist performance comparison in his own name. In the last few years of his life every summer, he gave a free of charge, week long master class to eleven selected pianists in the Weimar "Hofgärtnerei" (court garden) - today known as the Liszt house.