Participation Rules

1. The 2nd International BACH | LISZT Organ Competition Erfurt – Weimar – Merseburg takes place from 22 August through 5 September, 2011 in Erfurt, Weimar, Merseburg, Denstedt, Suhl and Waltershausen.

The competition is open to organists of all nationalities, who were born on or after 1 January, 1977.2. Please complete and return the following competition forms to The International BACH | LISZT Organ Competition Erfurt – Weimar – Merseburg, c/o Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar, Attn: Herrn Geschäftsführer Harald Dübler, Platz der Demokratie 2-3, 99423 Weimar.

a) completed entry form
b) a copy of your personal identification card or passport
c) a copy of  your test certificate, respective to your musical education.
d) curriculum vitae
e) photo (e.g. 9cm x 13cm)
f) entry fee: €50 (per check or wire transfer to:

     Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar
     Account Number: 300 4444 307
     Routing Number: 820 500 00
     Bank: HELABA
     Reference: 8915-111 23-1514 Keyword: Organ Competition
     IBAN: DE91820500003004444307
     Reference: 8915-111 23-1514 Keyword: Organ Competition

g) you must send a separate envelope with the following three items:
- a music cassette without a label (usually in the form of a CD, minidisk or a DAT cassette) with a sound recording of the best quality possible, which was recorded by the applicant, and which contains only the literature required for the first round. The recording must be free of all other sounds (including spoken words and acoustical information). In addition, each recorded work must be free of any technical manipulation (e.g. editing). Failure to adhere to these stipulations will render the recording invalid.
- the registration(s) of the organ(s) used for the recording 
- a formal declaration stating that the applicant is the artist who recorded the work and that the recording conforms to the criteria specified above.

3. Each applicant will be informed after 30 April, 2011 if he or she has been accepted to participate in the competition (results of the pre-selection).

4. The pre-selection will be conducted under the artistic direction of an anonymous independent jury. The competition consists of three rounds, all of which will be anonymously evaluated by the jury. Each round is open to the public.

5. Some portions of the competition may be broadcast on radio and television, and may also be photographed by the press. All contestants photographed or broadcast must waive any claim they may have to standing rights or remuneration.

6.  The international jury is made up of nine organists of distinction.

7.  There are three prizes and two special awards:
  1st Prize:     €12,000 Award from the Commerzbank Foundation 
  2nd Prize:     €8,000 Award from the City of Weimar Award
  3rd Prize:      €5,000 Award from the Free State of Thuringia

Special Award for the best Liszt interpretation: €1,000 Award from the LISZT FOUNDATION of Weimar
Special Award for the best Bach interpretation: €1,000 Award from the United Cathedral Foundation of Merseburg and Naumburg, and the Kollegiat Foundation of Zeitz

In addition, the award winners will render concerts on interesting instruments.

8. The jury is not required to award prizes. It is possible that the prizes may not be awarded at all, or that the same prize is awarded to more than one person. In the latter case, the award will be divided among the winners. All decisions of the jury shall be final.

9. For reasons of principle, only registration forms from the competition administration will be made available to the contestants. Other registration forms will not be accepted.

10. If a travel allowance is needed, contestants should submit an application substantiating the request. Beginning with the first round, all contestants will be given hotel accommodation, free of charge.

11.  All award winners are required to participate, without remuneration, in all three winners contests.

Administrative Offices
Internationaler BACH | LISZT Orgelwettbewerb ERFURT-WEIMAR-MERSEBURG
c/o Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar
Attn.: Herrn Geschäftsführer Harald Dübler
Platz der Demokratie  2-3
99423 WEIMAR

Telephone, Fax, Email, Internet Address:
Herr Geschäftsführer Harald Dübler:
(+49)-3643-555-190 / Fax -135