Legal Advisor's Department

Welcome to the Legal Advisor's Department of the Weimar University of Music.

As a staff unit of the Chancellor, the Legal Department is responsible for providing legal advice and support in all legal matters concerning the university.

In addition to the contact details of the staff of the Legal Department, you will find further information and documents on individual legal topics below.

Privacy Policy

You can find more information on legal bases, guidelines and privacy policies here.

Whistleblowing / Whistleblower Reporting Office

You can contact the University's Whistleblower Reporting Office if you have noticed violations of the law in connection with your professional activities or have obtained information about violations. The information will be processed by a member of the legal department (Christian Franze; deputy: N. N.) and treated in strict confidence.

Information on the data processing that takes place can be found here: 
Privacy Policy of the Whistleblower Reporting Office

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt no later than seven days after reporting, should the contact not have been made anonymously. A response, including notification of planned and already taken measures, will be sent within three months after confirmation of receipt of the report.

Which violations can be reported under section 2 of the Whistleblower Protection Act?

  • → Violations of criminal law
  • → Violations subject to fines (administrative offences), if the violated norm serves e.g. the protection of health or the protection of the rights of employees or their representative bodies (e.g. occupational health and safety, staff representation rights).
  • → Violations of legal provisions adopted to implement certain European regulations, as well as violations of directly applicable EU legal acts, e.g.: Money laundering and terrorist financing, consumer protection, data protection, data security, public procurement law, competition law.
  • → Statements by civil servants that constitute a violation of the duty to be faithful to the Constitution.

Possible ways of contacting the Whistleblower Reporting Office:

  • → Representative of the Whistleblower Reporting Office:
    Christian Franze, Rößlersches Haus, administration building, room 303, 
    Tel. +49 3643 | 555 162, Mail hinweisgeber-meldestelle(at)   
  • → Physical (anonymous) letterbox:
    Mailbox of the Law Office, Rößlersches Haus, Administration Building, 1st floor on the right.
    Please use a sealed envelope and mark the recipient accordingly!