Close-up - Weimar's Graduates

Polina Artsis

Mezzo-soprano Polina Artsis is an ensemble member at the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern

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Justus Thorau

Conducting graduate Justus Thorau is simultaneously 1. Kapellmeister in Aachen and Saarbrücken

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Camille Thomas

Cellist Camille Thomas has an exclusive contract with Deutsche Grammophon

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Florian Richter

Florian Richter becomes professor for viola in Nuremberg and solo violist in Dresden

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Patrick Rohbeck

Vocal graduate Patrick Rohbeck succeeds nationwide as singer, director and presenter

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Allison Oakes

Vocal graduate Allison Oakes took the stage at Bayreuth for the fourth year in a row

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Cora Irsen

Cora Irsen follows in the footsteps of Marie Jaëll with a CD project

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Dragoş Mânza

Dragoş Mânza managed to fast-track his career as a concertmaster

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Aleksandra und Alexander Grychtolik

Aleksandra and Alexander Grychtolik decode the musical texts of the Baroque period

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