“I hardly recognised you” – the 6th alumni

On 31 October 2015, we were delighted to celebrate our sixth alumni get-together at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar, with around 150 alumni and guests returning to Weimar from all four corners of Germany. Even at registration, we heard people exclaiming “Oh it’s you! You’ve hardly changed!”, or “I hardly recognised you!” all through the Fürstenhaus, when old friends, professors or colleagues met, some after many years apart.

At the welcoming ceremony, the President of the university, Professor Christoph Stölzl, and other representatives of the university management, told the guests all about the news, successes and changes at the university. Alongside this, they were able to listen to music by two former students, Joy Dutt and Reinhard Wolschina, who have now been performing together for 40 years. In the afternoon, the cafeteria by the park served coffee and cake, offering guests time to chat and spend time together, and to make new contacts and friends. The people were only too happy to exchange stories from their student days, memories about fellow students and professors, and the careers they had forged.

The highlight came at the end of the day, when the guests attended the final concert of the 8th International FRANZ LISZT Piano Competition Bayreuth-Weimar. Here, everyone had the chance to see the three finalists present their piano concerts live with the Weimar Staatskapelle, and to enjoy the pinnacle of the evening, when the jury crowned the winner.

Thank you for being part of it, and making this day such a successful get-together!