The first alumni get-together of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar was a resounding success

On 25 June 2005, around 150 alumni from every part of Germany came to the first alumni get-together at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar. Among the guests was a graduate of the class of 1946. Students, professors and teachers at the university put together a jam-packed programme to keep the participants entertained throughout the day. The get-together in the Festsaal at the Fürstenhaus was opened by the prominent alumnus Professor Peter Gülke. The university’s Honorary Senator first talked about the manifold impactful memories of his youth and his studies in Weimar. He then emphasised the key role that art and culture play in society, and the growing responsibility of individuals to uphold the value of art and culture in our own environment. Against the backdrop of societal change, he said that primarily, it was important for those creating culture to form networks and subsequently to play an active role in shaping them.
Amusing tales
Following this, the shared lunch in the cafeteria by the park was a special experience for alumni. ‘Many former students remembered the goulash from the old canteen on Geleitstraße with horror,’ says organiser Peter Hegwein, ‘and asked, in amazement, if the students’ food is this delicious every day.’ In the afternoon, alumni could choose between various options: presentations of the studio for electro-acoustic music, concerts by various departments or cosy get-togethers for individual courses. ‘The alumni particularly loved the tour through the new or renovated university building, spiced up by Professor Huschke with an array of amusing tales and pieces of information,’ said Hegwein. After the concert by the Weimar University Choir in the Herderkirche that evening, the alumni rounded off the day at the ‘mon ami’ cultural centre. Here, they exchanged an array of memories and anecdotes from their student days in Weimar, and made arrangements for the next meeting in 2007, which is already being planned.