Orchestra/Choir for Practical Conducting Lessons

Students of conducting prepare for their professional careers in the so-called 'Orchestra/Choir for Practical Conducting Lessons' ('Orchester/Chor für praktischen Dirigierunterricht' OPD/CPD). For students of choir conducting, the project affords a vital opportunity to work with a large-size ensemble on choral-symphonic music. The institute get's generous financial support from the EUROVIA Verkehrsbau Union GmbH in Magdeburg.
The sponsor-funded "workshop" also offers those studying orchestral instruments, music education, or church music the opportunity to gain experience in playing with an orchestra or singing with a choir, allowing them to familiarise with symphonic, choral, and music theatre repertoires.

Designed as a project that bridges the gaps between numerous departments and institutes, the project strengthens the students' sense of community and enables them to reflect critically on their own achievements. The OPD meets four to five times a term, the CPD comes together three times a term.