Required Contributions

Upon matriculation, re-registration and application for a leave of absence, the following fees are required for winter term 2023/2024:

  74.00 Euros  --  for the "Studierendenwerk"
119.80 Euros  --  for the semester train ticket (DB, ÖPNV, VMT)
  16.50 Euros  --  for the Student Council
210.30 Euros  --  altogether

The re-registration starts on 02.June 2023.

Fees for the Entrance Exam and Aptitude Assessment Process

For the entrance exams and the aptitude assessment process, a fee of 50 Euros is required.

Long term studies

The government of Thuringia decided on 3 April 2003 to change the law applying to universities and introduce tuition fees for long term studies. The schools and universities of Thuringia are required to be acquainted with the required fees and in some cases to collect these fees upon matriculation or re-registration.

The fee is 500 Euros per semester.

The fee is required in the following cases:

  • when the standard duration of studies leading to an initial qualification for the practice of a profession or when the standard duration of consecutive programmes of study is exceeded by more than 4 semesters
  • when the standard duration of studies is exceeded by more than 4 semesters in a second programme of study ('Zweitstudium').

All programmes of study undertaken at universities in the scope of the HRG (Hochschulrahmengesetz – a law defining what constitutes a university) are counted. Programmes of study at conservatories are only counted up to the fourth semester.

The following circumstances could lead to a longer period of study without the requirement of paying tuition fees, or to a reduction or remission of tuition fees. In these cases a corresponding form must be filled out for validation:

  1. a one-time change of the programme of study by the end of the second semester
  2. when a student pursuing a second programme of study ('Zweitstudium') has completed a first programme of study with results which are significantly above the average for that programme and class
  3. when a student takes a semester off (suspension)
  4. time taken off to care for or raise children
  5. active participation in organisations of a university or conservatory
  6. presentation of a case of hardship

Fees are not required during leave of absence or with regard to BAföG.

It is highly recommended in planning a course of studies to carefully think through the possibilities of the applicability of tuition fees.

Gebühren und Entgelte für das Weiterbildende Studium

Das Weiterbildende Studium ist kostenpflichtig. Die konkreten Gebühren werden auf der Grundlage des vereinbarten Studienprogramms berechnet. Das Entgelt ist vor Beginn des Studiums zu entrichten. Bitte beachten Sie hierzu die Berechnungsgrundlage.

Fees for Auditors

Starting on 1 October 2007, the fee for auditing students is 50 Euros per semester; this is an enrolment fee. If auditing students fail to pursue the studies they enrol for, there is no refund of the fee.

Additional fees

Information on additional fees – for example, for the late return of library books, fees for tests leading to a doctorate or lecturing qualifications, and fees for other public services – are to be found in the 'Allgemeine Gebührenordnung der Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar'.