If you abort your studies (cases of suspension excepted), or complete your degree, you should de-register ('exmatrikulieren'); this is the technical term for ending your membership at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar. This is also required when moving to another institution. Registration elsewhere will generally require a certificate of de-registration from your previous institution. The application for de-registration needs to submitted to the Department of Academic and Student Affairs (ASA). You will find an application form here.

Applications for de-registration can be made at any time. You will be asked to indicate the intended date of de-registration, which must fall between the date of submitting the application and the end of term.

De-registration becomes official once the applicant has received the certificate of de-registration from the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar (in person, or via post).

If you submit neither an application for de-registration or re-registration at the end of any term, the Department of Academic and Student Affairs will officially de-register you.


  • Sandy  Resch
    Photo: Alexander Burzik

    Sandy Resch

    Academic and Student Affairs

    Student Administration | Enrolment certification | Re-registration | Suspension of studies | Part-time Studies | De-registration | Long Term Fees | Auditors | Statistics
    Verwaltungsgebäude – Rößlersches Haus
    Room: 102
    +49 3643 | 555 147