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Registering an event

Registering an event - why formally?

Why do I need to formally register my event?
  • A room booking is valid only once you have submitted your completed registration form.
  • Only if the requirements for the event are documented in writing, can the events office cater for special needs such as concert management. Students/staff must organise transport, marketing, and technical issues themselves. You can find the relevant contact details on the registration form.
  • We can only publicise your event in the LISZT UNIVERSITY's print and online calendars if you have registered the event, and this is also the precondition for further services, such as our assistance in the design of advertising materials (through the marketing office).
  • Instrument transport can be booked only once the event has been registered.
  • You notify us of your programme when registering the event. This information is crucial for the satisfaction of the terms and conditions imposed by the GEMA.
  • In general, each student / staff member is personally responsible for the registration (if student assistants are employed, then these become responsible).

Registering in two steps

1st step: reserve a room

Get in touch with Maria Bernhardt, and query whether your chosen room is available for your selected date.

Please note: you have reserved the room, but not yet booked it! Your booking becomes official only once you have submitted the registration form.

2nd step: formally register your event

Complete the registration form and submit it to Maria Bernhardt. Now you have officially booked the room.

Registration forms are available from Maria Bernhardt, or here:

::: Registration of a concert ::: 

::: Registration of any other event :::

Should your event have to be cancelled, please remember to notify Maria Bernhardt.


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