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General Tuition Fees

There are no general tuition fees required by the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar for undergraduate studies which aim to achieve a degree as an initial qualification for the practice of a profession. Similarly, there are no general tuition fees required at the time for studies leading to a Master's degree which directly follow the completion of an undergraduate degree (a Bachelor's degree for example).

Since 2008, a tuition fee of 500 Euros per semester is required for graduate studies which do not directly follow an undergraduate degree.

Required Contributions

Upon matriculation, re-registration and application for a leave of absence, the following fees are required:

  69.00 Euros  --  for the Student Council
107.87 Euros  --  for the semester train ticket (DB, ÖPNV, VMT)
    9.50 Euros  --  for the Student Body
186.37 Euros  --  altogether

Fees for the Entrance Exam and Aptitude Assessment Process

For the entrance exams and the aptitude assessment process, a fee of 50 Euros is required.

Fees for Auditors

Starting on 1 October 2007, the fee for auditing students is 50 Euros per semester; this is an enrolment fee. If auditing students fail to pursue the studies they enrol for, there is no refund of the fee.

Additional fees

Information on additional fees – for example, for the late return of library books, fees for tests leading to a doctorate or lecturing qualifications, and fees for other public services – are to be found in the 'Allgemeine Gebührenordnung der Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar'.