University council

The LISZT University council comprises six external and two internal members, who hold the right to vote; it also includes the institution's president, who is allowed to make proposals and give advice to the council. The equality officer and chair of the institution's staff union, as well as a representative of the student council are also entitled to attend and speak at the meetings of the council.

Prof. Dr. Arnulf Melzer (fundraising manager to the president of the TU Munich)
Contact: hochschulrat(at)

External members
Dr. Stefan Feuerstein (entrepreneur)
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Huschke (former president of the LISZT University)
Georg Krupp (honorary senator the LISZT University and former executive board member at the Deutsche Bank)
Dr. Gaby Luther (speaker in the central administration of the FU Berlin)

Internal members
Prof. Claudia Buder (professor of accordion)
Petra Büchner (staff of the human resources' section)

Representative of the ministry
Peter Gemmeke | Director of section 4 (universities) in the Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitale Gesellschaft

Advisory members with the right to put forward proposals
Prof. Anne-Kathrin Lindig | president
Prof. Juan Garcia | vice president for performance studies and research
Prof. Dagmar Brauns | vice president for studies and teaching
Dr. Jens Ewen | vice president for digitalisation and internationalisation
Christine Gurk | chancellor

Right to speak and to put forward proposals
Prof. Meike Britt Hübner (diversity officer)
Prof. Bettina Born (equal opportunities officer)
Antonius Voigt (representative of the students)
Sebastian Walther (chairman of the staff council)

Rebekka Stemmler
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 215
Fax +49 3643 | 555 117



Prof. Anne-Kathrin Lindig

Members according to § 35 (3) of the ThürHG (equal representation)

Dr. Kai Martin
Dr. Tiago de Oliveira Pinto
Ekhart Wycik

Student members
Tim Model
Sabine Roselt
Johannes Schneider

Academic staff
Marlene Behrmann
Rüdiger Hamm
Hannes Pohlit

Administration staff
Lisa Himßler
Signe Pribbernow
Nicolae Vezure

Members according to § 35 (4) of the ThürHG (majority of professors)

Jeff Cascaro
Myriam Eichberger
Dr. Steffen Höhne
Uwe Komischke
Dr. Albrecht von Massow
Christoph Ritter
Gero Schmidt-Oberländer

Members according to § 14 (5) of the constitution

Vice presidents
Prof. Dagmar Brauns, Prof. Juan Garcia and Dr. Jens Ewen

Christine Gurk

Representative of the council
Prof. Dr. Arnulf Melzer

Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering (Faculty I)
Prof. Imke David (Faculty II)
Prof. Jörn Arnecke (Faculty III)

Chairman of the staff council
Sebastian Walther

Representative of severely disabled students and employees
Gunnar Krebs

Equal opportunities officer
Prof. Bettina Born

Diversity officer
Prof. Meike Britt Hübner

Artistic director of the centre for highly talented children
Joan Pagès Valls

Representative of the doctoral candidates
N. N.

Head of the StuRa
Jerry Kuhn

Rebekka Stemmler
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 215
Fax +49 3643 | 555 117

Committee for Studies and Teaching

The Committee for Studies and Teaching, chaired by the Vice President for Studies and Teaching, is composed of the members of the preparatory subcommittees on Academic Planning and Evaluation.


Vice President for Teaching
Prof. Dagmar Brauns


Teaching and Quality Development Office (LQE)

Subcommittee Study Planning (UAS)

Heads of study programs
Prof. Frank Strauch (Bachelor of Music), substitute: Prof. Achim Kaufmann
Prof. Bettina Bruhn (Master of Music), substitute: Prof. Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren
Prof. Martin Sturm (Diploma of Church Music)
Prof. Dr. Helmut Well (Bachelor/ Master of Arts), substitution: Prof. Dr. Michael Klaper
Prof. Dr. Kai Martin (Bachelor/ Master of Education, Staatsprüfung Lehramt), substitution: Prof. Kerstin Behnke

Danylo Denysov (Bachelor/ Master of Music), substitute: Moritz Freimuth
Nicolas Absalom (Bachelor/ Master of Music), substitute: Felix Kehr
Jonas Dippon (Diploma of Church Music), substitute: Michael Stemmer
Tim Model (Bachelor/ Master of Education, Staatsprüfung Lehramt): Substitution: Arild Hansen
Clarissa Mühlhausen (Bachelor/ Master of Arts), substitution: Ronja Hoffmann

Head of Teaching and Quality Development (LQE)
Kathrin Seyferth

Legal Advisor
Claudia Democh

Head of Academic and Student Affairs (ASA)
Dr. Jens Ewen

Subcommittee Evaluation (UAE)

Vice-Deans (Senate representatives for the quality management of the faculties)
Prof. Andreas Lehmann (Faculty I)
Prof. Frank Möbus (Faculty II)
Prof. Dr. Anne Fritzen (Faculty III)

Theresia Thamm

Head of Teaching and Quality Development (LQE)
Kathrin Seyferth

Legal Advisor
Claudia Democh

Head of Academic and Student Affairs (ASA)
Dr. Jens Ewen

Examination Committee

Prof. Andreas Lehmann (Vice Dean of Faculty I)

Other members

Prof. Dagmar Brauns (Vice president of studies and teaching) 
Prof. Christiane Spannhof (Faculty I)Prof. Thorsten Johanns (Faculty I)
Prof. Frank Forst (Faculty I)     Prof. Ulf-Dieter Schaaff (Faculty I)  
Prof. Michail Lifits (Faculty II)    Prof. Martin Sturm (Faculty III)    
Prof. Maximilian Marcoll (Faculty II)    Prof. Bettina Bruhn (Faculty II)    
Prof. Lena Haselmann-Kränzle (Faculty III)    Prof. Kerstin Behnke (Faculty III)
Prof. Dr. Nina Noeske (Faculty III)    Prof. Dr. Albrecht von Massow (Faculty III)    
Hannes Pohlit (Faculty I)    Jonas Brehm (Faculty III)    
Helena Jensch (student)N.N. (student council)

PhD Board


Prof. Dr. Martin Pfleiderer

Further members
Prof. Dr. Michael Klaper (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering (Fakultät I) Dr. Nina Noeske
Prof. Dr. Tiago de Oliveira Pinto Dr. Alice Stašková (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
N.N. (Promovierte*r wiss. Mitarbeitende*r)

Arts management and Music pedagogy

Prof. Dr. Steffen Höhne

Further members
Prof. Dr. Christoph Buschow (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar | Medienmanagement)
Prof. Dr. Friedemann Eichhorn (Fakultät I) Dr. Anne Fritzen (Fachgebiet Musikpädagogik)
Prof. Dr. Kai Martin (Fachgebiet Musikpädagogik)
Prof. Dr. Martin Pfleiderer (Fachgebiet Musikwissenschaft)
N.N. (Promovierte*r wiss. Mitarbeitende*r)

Further information on the doctoral projects can be found here: 


Diana Zschuppe
hzh, Room 002
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 280
Fax +49 3643 | 555 282


Diversity officer
Prof. Meike Britt Hübner
Professor of Music and Movement Education/ Eurhythmics

Deputy diversity officer
Prof. Tiago de Oliveira Pinto
Professor of Transcultural Music Studies
hochschulzentrum am horn, room 404
Tel.: +49 3643 | 555 233

Equal opportunities officer
Prof. Bettina Born
Artistic teacher of repetition

Deputy equal opportunities officer
Prof. Anne Schwanewilms
Professor of Singing

Data protection officer
Claudia Democh
Legal Advisor
Administration building – Rößlersches Haus, room 302
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 191
International officer
Prof. Dr. Jascha Nemtsov
Professor of History of Jewish Music

Complaints office
Office for appeal against discrimination according to §13 General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)
Nicole Matthes
Current director of Human Resources
Administration building – Kaufstraße, room 303
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 154

Director of the centre for highly talented children/ Music High School Belvedere
Joan Pagès Valls
Tel. +49 3643 | 866 312

Faculty boards

Board of Faculty I

Dean (Head)
Thomas Müller-Pering

University teachers (6 seats)
Jörg Brückner
Thorsten Johanns
Andreas Lehmann
Nicolás Pasquet
Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt
Christian Sprenger

Department directors
Tim Stolzenburg (String Instruments and Harp)
Markus Leoson (Wind/Brass Instruments and Percussion)
Ulrich Vogel (Conducting and Opera Coaching)
Christoph Ritter (Vocal Studies and Theatre)
Ricardo Gallén (Guitar)

Students (5 seats)
Danylo Denisov
Pauline Hillebrandt
Manuel Merlani
Daniel Schimmer
Friederike Wrobel

Employees (5 seats)
Olaf Adler
Cora Brückner-Irsen
Sophio Gigineishvili
Daniel Hoffmann
Kathrin Horn

Board of Faculty II

Dean (Head)
Imke David

Vice Dean (advisory member)
Frank Möbus

University teachers (4 seats)
Bettina Bruhn
Maximilian Marcoll
Frank Möbus
Jo Thönes

Department directors
Michail Lifits (Piano)
Bernhard Klapprott (Early Music)
Claudia Buder (New Music and Jazz)

Students (3 seats)
Felix Kehr
Vinzent Reinisch
Johannes Schneider

Employees (3 seats)
Susanne Bitar
Manuela Jahn
Hinrich Steinhöfel

Board of Faculty III

Dean (Head)
Jörn Arnecke

Manager (advisory member)
Christiane Kraft

University teachers (3 seats)
Jascha Nemtsov
Dr. Martin Pfleiderer
Martin Sturm

Department directors
Gero Schmidt-Oberländer (Music Education and Church Music)
Dr. Michael Klaper (Musicology Weimar-Jena)

Students (2 seats)
Franziska Schumann
Korbinian Wild

Employees (2 seats)
Florian Kleissle
Lydia Mühlhause

Contact for disabled members of the LISZT University

Contact for disabled members of the LISZT University
Gunnar Krebs
Piano tuner
Telephone: +49 172 - 3654092 

Deputy contact for disabled members of the LISZT University
Katrin Ulitzsch
Academic Quality and Development
Telephone: +49 3643 | 555 249 

Advisory council for equal opportunities

Elected members

University Teachers | Academic Staff (3 seats)
Faculty I
Prof. Ekhart Wycik

Faculty II
Prof. Myriam Eichberger

Faculty III
Mitra Behpoori
Research fellow of musicology
Phone: +49 3643 | 555 226

Students (2 seats)
Stefanie Dzjubak

Ophelia Worbes

Administration staff (2 seats)
Christiane Kraft
Manager of Faculty III
Phone: +49 3643 | 555 281

Marion Meierhöher
University library
Phone: +49 3643 | 555 112

Members by office

Equal opportunities officer (Chair with voting rights)
Prof. Bettina Born
Artistic teacher of repetition

Diversity officer (advisory)
Prof. Meike Britt Hübner
Professor of Music and Movement Education/ Eurhythmics
Phone: +49 3643 | 555 262

Staff Council

Integration team

Manuela Jahn
Member of the staff council and manager of Faculty II
Hochschulzentrum am Horn, room 024
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 186

Petra Büchner
Employers' Representative for the Severely Disabled and staff of human resources
Administration building (Kaufstraße), room 302
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 157

Nicole Matthes
BEM officer and current director of human resources
Administration building (Kaufstraße), room 303
Tel. +49 3643 | 555 154

Gunnar Krebs
Contact for disabled members and piano tuner
Klostergebäude Am Palais, Raum 011
Tel. +49 172 - 3654092