Quality Assurance and Teaching Development Network of Music Academies

Founded on 1 April 2012, this network seeks to analyse successful approaches to the professional education of musicians and to find answers to the current issues of every-day teaching situations and educational ideals. The network unites twelve of Germany's twenty-four music academies, among them the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar. Together with the academies in Freiburg, Lübeck, and Würzburg, we have taken on responsibility for the field 'projects and consulting'.

The centre at Detmold is home to a team of experts who support academies in their careful evaluation of questionnaires and other methods of systematic analysis the four core areas of quality assurance, teaching development, networking, and projects and consulting. The specific situation at any of the academies always presents the basis for the development and implementation of adequate tools and processes.

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  • Dr. Susanne  Stamm

    Dr. Susanne Stamm

    Academic Quality and Development
    Local Coordination Netzwerk Musikhochschulen
    Rößlersches Haus – Administration Building
    Room: 203
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