Dates and Deadlines

Application deadlines

Summer semester 2019

Please note that there will be no auditions for the following subjects: orchestral conducting (bachelor and concert exam), trombone, horn, tuba, flute, harp, guitar, accordion, music theory, electric guitar, voice (jazz), drumset, school music and music performance (as minor subject).

Applications for arts management (master) are generally accepted only for the winter semester.

Music applicants (Bachelor, Master, Diploma church music):
Thuringia Opera Studio (season 2019/20):
Musicology and Intercultural music and events management (minor subject):
01.10. – 09.12.2018

Winter semester 2019/20

Music applicants (Bachelor, Master, Diploma church music), school music, music performance (as minor subject):
Musicology (Bachelor and Master) and Intercultural music and events management (minor subject):
Arts management (Master of Arts):

Auditions | Entrance Exams

For the summer semester 2019

Performance subjects: 09.–13.01.2019
Concert diploma (2nd level): 18.01.2019
Thuringia Opera Studio (season 2019/20): 03. and 10.12.2018
B.A. Musicology (major subject): 25.01.2019

For the winter semester 2019/20

Performance subjects: 20.–26.05.2019
Concert diploma (1st level): bis 06.06.2019
Concert diploma (2nd level): 07.06.2019
B.A. Musicology (major subject): t.b.a.

Beginning of Studies

Summer Semester

starting April 1st

Winter Semester

starting October 1st

Consulting lesson's day for major orchestra conducting

The department of conducting and opera coaching offers, for those who are applying for the audition for major orchestral conducting, a consulting lesson's day, held by Prof. Nicolás Pasquet, Prof. Ekhart Wycik and possibly other department's teachers.

For those applying for starting in the winter term 2019/20 (auditions in May 2019):
April 26th, 2019
Application deadline: April 3rd, 2019

Please notice that the consulting lesson's day is held only for those applicants for the next following auditions, who have applied for the bachelor or master program (not for Konzertexamen).

Those candidates who are interested in participating are requested to contact Prof. Nicolás Pasquet (nicolas.pasquet(at) before the deadline, including a short vita.