Change of institution | Recognition of other exam qualifications

Change of institution

Should you be changing your institution within the territory of the 'Hochschulrahmengesetz', qualifications already obtained as part of the same degree course will be fully acknowledged. Those exams required as part of the exam regulations at the University of Music  Franz Liszt Weimar which were not taken at your previous institution will need to be taken retrospectively.

The principle that the same degree requires the same qualifications is applied. Since you will not be demoted to a lower year of study when changing your institution, we recommend that you check whether you will be able to obtain the outstanding qualifications at the University of Music  Franz Liszt Weimar in the remaining terms left for the timely completion of the course in the standard course outline before your application.

Recognition of exam qualifications obtained abroad

Applicants for diploma, first state exam, or Magister Artium degrees should be aware that qualifications obtained or exams taken abroad will be recognised only up to the pre-diploma (Vordiplom) or Zwischenprüfung stage, and only if their equivalence can be demonstrated. You will require the necessary certificates in German translation and as certified copies, and will need to submit these to the examination office following enrolment.

Exams which need to be completed as part of the fundamental studies ('Grundstudium', terms 1–4) at the University of Music  Franz Liszt Weimar, will need to be taken retrospectively if they have not yet been taken elsewhere.
The recognition of any pre-qualifications is not possible for graduate studies.

Please contact the examinations office for further information.