The Department of Musicology Weimar-Jena engages with its neighbouring disciplines in the Humanities in numerous ways, while also being attuned to issues of performance practice, music education, and arts management. The establishment of the B.A. and M.A. programmes in musicology emphasises the traditional musicological methods of enquiry to the same extent that the concerns for professional development are further strengthened; the programme in arts management affords close ties with professional practice in its courses, while seeking to maintain an engagement with the transdisciplinary concerns of cultural studies.

In its current set-up, the Department can be considered an exemplary case of forward-looking musicological practice, allowing ample space for popular and global musics—crucial not only in the education of future generations of teachers—while maintaining the 'core' concerns which remain crucial to a modern music academy (Early music, music of the Classical and Romantic eras, and contemporary music).

As a joint department of two institutions, the Department offers links with the exceptional education in performance at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar as well as with the values of one of Germany's oldest universities. The synergies generated by the association with the Humanities disciplines at the Friedrich Schiller University as well as with the artistic subjects at the University of Music Weimar make the Department of Musicology Weimar-Jena unique: the breadth of its portfolio and opportunities allow it to occupy a special place among German academies. In addition, Weimar's Department of Musicology offers a large number of courses which can be attended by students of all institutes and degree programmes in order to experience music as an holistic entity—a conglomeration of science, teaching, and performance.

Crucially, the Department has access to a unique combination of archival resources: the Hochschularchiv | THÜRINGISCHEN LANDESMUSIKARCHIV in and the Lippmann+Rau-Musikarchivs | Internationales Archiv für Jazz und populäre Musik in Eisenach, for which the Department provides the scholarly expertise. Close ties with archives in Sondershausen and Meiningen, as well as the exceptional holdings at the Thüringer Landesbibliothek in Jena (the Jena Choirbooks, for example) add to this wealth of resources.

Alongside regular cooperations with regional and national partners, the Department of Musicology maintains close contacts with renowned international institutions, universities, and libraries.