Research project 'Cherubini Edition (Musical Works)'

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The critical edition of Luigi Cherubini's (1760–1842) works encompasses the great composer's early Italian operas as well as the exceptional compositions written during his time in France: operas, chamber music works, and church music, in addition to smaller-scale compositions and songs which were highly regarded in their day.

Thanks to the good source documentation, the musical experiments which Cherubini undertook from the 1780s onwards can be studied and traced in detail. With each composition, he offered a new, and at times unconventional, contribution to the development of opera. The experimental field which Cherubini tilled concerned conception, structure, and the presentation of subject matter. Cherubini’s contributions to church music are similarly innovative: on the one hand, they develop the tradition of the Chapelle Royale, on the other, his representational works of enormous dimensions set the benchmark for contemporary composers. These works were influenced by his experience of the Italian tradition of church music.

The Cherubini Edition is a critical edition which also offers performance materials.

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