Current measures and regulations during the corona pandemic

The university buildings will remain closed for the public until further notice.

In accordance with the legal requirements of the state government and in compliance with secury and hygiene policy, selected rooms are opened for teaching and practice.

It is necessary to follow these rules unconditionally in order to be able to trace a possible chain of infection. Failure to do so may mean that the university as a whole will have to be closed again.

Circular regarding opening times and room usage in August and September (14.07.2020)

Dear colleagues and students,

With a revised Corona room plan, we want to further ease working conditions in our buildings step-by-step. August and September will be a trial for the rules this coming winter semester. We will gather information from this experience and use it to develop our concept starting in October. Success depends on you following our rules responsibly.

Please find building opening hours for August and September in this table.

To be safe, university buildings will remain closed to the public. Teaching staff and students who wish to speak with the administration have to make an appointment.

Updates on practising and teaching

  • Starting in August, you no longer have to register when practising or attending a class. However, it is still absolutely vital that all teaching staff and students sign in/out when entering/exiting a building. This can be done at the reception in the ‘Fürstenhaus’ and at the entry counter in the other buildings via entry lists run for each room. There is an example attached for viewing.
  • Ms. Nickol will take on the room management for seminar rooms 1 and 2 and the lecture hall in the ‘hzh’ again. Room 304 in the ‘hzh’ will be managed by faculty 2 Dean’s office.
  • Starting in September, all rooms will be available. Every member of the teaching staff will be able to, once again, use their normal room.
  • If practising students have to leave a room because a class will be taught in there, they must register at the appropriate entry counter because room changes also have to be documented.
  • Every room will get a door sign showing the maximum number of people allowed in there. There has to be at least 7 square metres (9 square metres for singers and wind instruments) per person per room. 5 square metres have been estimated for seated gatherings where no music is played.
  • Starting in August, the security team will no longer air and disinfect rooms. Users are now responsible for doing this themselves, Disinfectant will be made available in all buildings. This is still not allowed to be used on keyboard instruments, as it causes a lot of damage.


Information on exams in August/September

  • Exams with three people on stage will be allowed in September
  • Exam concerts will also take place in September without an audience
  • Bookings for exam times will be taken until the 28th of July: via the events office for room 108 in the ‘Fürstenhaus’ and room 301 in ‘hzh’, the faculty 2 Dean’s office for room 304 in ‘hzh’, with Ms. Gläßl for the ‘Beethovenhaus’, and with Ms. Schenke for the Palais.
    Bookings made after the 28th of July will be disregarded


Outlook for winter semester 2020/21

We are working on the assumption that social distancing will be with us for some time.

From our current perspective, classes with ensemble work e.g. choir and orchestra as well as lectures will only be possible with a greatly reduced number of people.

Nevertheless, our aim is to run as many classes as possible again – and that includes public performance practice – under conditions that assure the highest possible security for all the members of the university and our guests. We are working on a separate concept for events with an orchestra.

Starting in October, the Festsaal Fürstenhaus will be available for all teaching staff again. This room is still desperately needed for other things in September.

Information for administrative and technical personnel

  • Offices in all buildings will be available as usual in August and September
  • As is now customary, staff using time logging will show their identity card when entering their own building. When entering another building they will register at the entry counter or reception as per usual.

Will have all been able to ‘practice’ hygiene rules since May and must now be very good at them. That is why my most important appeal goes out to your own sense of responsibility:

All those who are already following the rules for thorough handwashing, distance, and wearing a mask are helping to stop the whole university from closing again. Our loosened Security and Hygiene Concept is based on Government requirements and expert recommendations.

Many of you have thanked us, the crisis team, and the university administration over the past weeks. This has helped and encouraged us to keep working on the things we have never had to tackle until now. Thank you!

I wish you all restful summer days which you are hopefully able to use for some badly needed time to breathe.

Warmest regards,
Anne Lindig
Vice-president of Performance Practice

Circular on planning and teaching classes in the winter semester of 2020/2021 (19.07.2020)

Dear colleagues and students,

You have all managed an exceptional semester with great dedication. The university administration and, above all, the students are very grateful. Sadly, conditions in the upcoming winter semester 2020/2021 will still be far from ‘normal’. You must be wondering what form face-to-face classes can happen in when planning and preparing your classes now.

The university is aiming for face-to-face classes in order to re-establish (and maintain) the all-important in-person contact and academic discourse between students and teaching staff. In the current situation this should be essentially possible.

Please note that every classroom at the university will be allotted a set maximum number of people in order to maintain distancing rules. To offer as full a curriculum as possible despite this, we will need a good measure of flexibility when it comes to structuring classes, communication, and solidarity with each other when booking rooms.

When planning your classes, specially seminars, practicals etc., please see if it makes sense to limit the number of participants and if it is possible. The corresponding NB should be made in the course catalogue. Where a larger number of students are enrolled, blended face-to-face and digital teaching, every other week for instance, would be a suitable option (by the way, many universities are planning classes in this way for the coming winter semester).

The university requests that large rooms be used as optimally as possible. Please organise room allocation and management amongst yourselves well in advance so that we can create the best possible conditions for a successful winter semester for our students.

For you to be able to plan classes for this winter semester, we would like to draw your attention to the room conditions and security and hygiene rules.

  • The specified maximum number of people per room must be followed! This is the only way to assure that distancing can be maintained – especially for wind instruments and singers.
  • 1.5 metres distance must be maintained between all musicians. There must be at least 2.5 metres in front of wind instruments and singers.
  • Rehearsal sessions for large ensembles are to be no longer that 75 minutes. Another 75 minutes are allowed after an airing break of at least 30 minutes.
  • Lectures, seminars, and all other classes can run for their usual time
  • There must be one music stand per musician
  • The final decision on performances with an audience will be made in September as these performances will require their own concept.

Use of festival hall this winter semester

  • Rehearsals for the university orchestra, university choir, Collegium Musicum, and the chamber choir in the winter semester 2020/2021 will be in the festival hall.
    • University choir: Tuesdays 6:30-10pm
    • Collegium Musicum: Wednesdays 7:30-10pm
    • University orchestra: Thursdays 10am-1pm
    • Chamber choir: Thursdays 6-9pm
  • The festival hall stage will not be raised but will remain flat. There will be no alterations made to the stage so that chairs can be set quickly and flexibly. There are 35 chairs in the hall as this is the maximum number of people allowed there.
  • The festival hall will be used primarily for classes with a large number of students and meetings of the senate
  • Sadly, the standard department opening times for the hall are still suspended.


Other rooms

  • The rules for the Saal Am Palais are the same as for the festival hall. There will also only be individual chairs there
  • Free spaces in the lecture halls at the hzh will be marked. Additional seating possibilities will be created on the left- and right-hand sides of the rooms
  • All other large rooms can be used flexibly within the designated maximum number of people for ensemble rehearsal, lectures, and meetings.
  • In addition, we have been able to hire the hall in the ‘Notenbank’, Steuben Str. 15, for a limited number of hours per day. This room is well suited to chamber music and ensemble classes, playing in front of the class, ensemble rehearsals with up to max 22 persons/18 persons for singers and wind instruments.

For all questions relating to maximum room usage and the use of further facilities outside of the university, please contact vizepraxis(at) or staff at the events offices.

We wish you a lovely summer.
With warmest greetings,

Prof. Dagmar Brauns Prof. Anne-Kathrin Lindig
Vice-president of Studies and Teaching Vice-president of Performance Practice