Current measures and regulations during the corona pandemic

The university buildings will remain closed until further notice.

In accordance with the legal requirements of the state government and in compliance with secury and hygiene policy, selected rooms are opened for teaching and practice since May 4th, 2020.

Initially, this only applies to individual artistic lessons, i.e. only two people in the room. Since May 18th, 2020 two people are allowed to practise in one room without the presence of a teacher.

It is necessary to follow these rules unconditionally in order to be able to trace a possible chain of infection. Failure to do so may mean that the university as a whole will have to be closed again.

Lessons take place in all buildings of the university, except in the Haydnhaus and the Bachhaus.

Each of the buildings is manned by a security team to ensure that only registered and authorised persons have access and that the necessary hygiene measures are observed.

Important: The security team is entitled to deny access to persons who are not registered or authorised to enter. This also applies to professors.

Letter of the President (15.05.2020)

Dear Students and Colleagues,

for weeks, it was silent in and above my office in the Fürstenhaus, at last the usual sounds of Dvořák’s cello concerto sip through the roof again, which fills my heart with joy.

I went up to the room, and when the door opened, I witnessed a lesson with exemplary distancing, for which I thanked the student and teacher – of course whilst keeping a safe distance and without taking off my mask.

I would like to send this gratitude to all who fill our university with sounds again!

At the same time, I urge all to respect our safety measures to the greatest detail!

Unfortunately, the number of cases where the rules are not respected, the necessity of opening of the windows is questioned, spontaneous changes in the room planning are demanded, are rising.

I want to state the following:

“Business as usual” does not apply to our situation.

Entering buildings and rooms is still only allowed when registered. These registrations have to be sent in until Thursday 9:00 am of the week before (next week, because of the holiday on Thursday, until Wednesday!).

The security teams can only let people into the building when registered.

The administration doesn’t have the capacity to make short-term changes to the complex planning and communicate them with the teams at the building entrances.

The strict admission control is also applicable to council meetings, only the registration process is a little bit different. In case of confusion, the Veranstaltungsbüro will be happy to help.

Our country is in an emergency situation. When we don’t respect the rules which are applicable in Weimar, our university could be closed again at any moment! That’s why we must discipline ourselves and accept the regulations and constraints of these times.

1.    Live classes

Since two weeks, we can offer live classes in our buildings. The entrance and hygiene procedures have become a routine, but the daily challenge of mastering the logistics of the complex planning, remains.

I have the biggest respect for all dedicated students in the security teams as well as for all the colleagues of the Veranstaltungsbüro, who try to keep a clear head despite the great complexity of their work.

Our strict hygiene concept has ensured that to this day, we have no confirmed coronavirus infection in our university.

Some practical changes make will make the processes easier in the coming week: at the entrance, the daily statement is replaced by a list with signatures. This doesn’t only save time, but also a lot of paper.

Besides that, the administration personnel will help the security teams in the coming weeks.

As announced in the last email, from May 18th, practicing with two persons in one room will be allowed without the presence of a teacher.

We are currently investigating how we can organize the artistic exams and their preparation.

2.    Accountability of teaching

Both live and digital classes can be credited on all teachers’ teaching duty. Teaching is only allowed for students with tuition entitlement. 

Again, we have to communicate that the following principle doesn’t change: all live artistic classes have to be taught in the buildings of our university.

Only because of medically confirmed reasons or problems with entering Germany, the classes can be given digitally (and be accounted for).

Crediting the teaching duty of artistic group lessons is possible when the alternative is given in a pedagogically useful and creative way.

The teachers will have to state all given classes and motivate every digital lesson.

3.    Accessing copying machines

As from Monday May 18th, copying will be possible in the Hochschulzentrum am Horn only. Previous registration is not necessary.

To access the machines, you only have to identify yourself with the thoska card at the entrance desk.

The copying machine in the main building is not available anymore, because the room had to be closed. Contrary to the rules and the barriers, tables and chairs were put together in a cozy get-together way, which we can not allow.

4.    Written exams

All exam deadlines which began before the pandemic and are currently on hold, are prolonged with another two weeks and begin to count from June 2nd.

The countdown for written essay deadlines in all Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees will be reset on May 18th. This date will be reconsidered in case the accessibility of the necessary resources (for example the library) should be restricted again.

If individual problems arise due to the pandemic, students have to contact the Prüfungsamt to request a prolonging of the deadline. These requests will be examined mildly.

Conducting written exams is possible when organized under the infection prevention rules. For this purpose, the responsible teachers are currently developing a concept and concerned students will be informed in due time.

5.    Council meetings

On May 11th we have conducted our first senate meeting with the possibility for guests to attend via a live stream. I would like to thank the Recording Studio and the IT staff for making this possible.

On this occasion, I would like to repeat that teachers and employees are requested to fulfill their council duties, also in corona times. The university has to remain capable of acting and functioning.

Participating in the live councils, which are organized under all security measures and rules, is obligatory for all. This is especially necessary for senate and faculty council meetings, as well as for appointment committees.

The presidium can only accept the association with a risk group if this is proven by a medical attestation.

If such an attestation can be provided, the president will apply the necessary security measures so meetings can be attended digitally, for example.

However, affiliation with a risk group doesn’t mean that a binding request of being present can be neglected. In reasoned cases, the respective deputy chief can claim personal attendance of teachers and personnel.

Best regards,
Christoph Stölzl