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Concert diploma ('Konzertexamen')

The University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar offers a course studying for the postgraduate concert diploma ('Konzertexamen'). This is the highest possible performance degree, and is available in the following subjects:
  • all major subjects offered at the institution

The following specialisations are available:
  • Major subject
  • Chamber music
  • Artistic Song Interpretation

The concert diploma programme is aimed at graduates who hold a degree in performance or have completed other previous performance studies.

Required qualifications for embarking on the concert diploma course are:
  • a completed undergraduate degree (Diploma or Master) in the same major
  • a successful audition
The standard duration of the concert diploma programme is 4 terms. Graduates are awarded a concert diploma after successful completion. The course's aim is artistic refinement. The course encompasses 3.5 hours of teaching per week.

There are no fees for this course; this does not affect the regulations concerning continuation fees.